Chanel Vitalumiere foundation review

Introduction and boring bit….


Hey everyone, sorry it’s been a tad long but I hope everyone is well and enjoying the snow!  As I say every year, the snow looks beautiful outside but I don’t enjoy it too much when I have to travel to work lol.  One bad thing about the winter months for me is that my skin gets so dry!  Doesn’t help that I am still on Roaccutane either (soon to be off them though!).  Even my good old Aqeous cream sometimes fails me with areas of my skin being a tad dry but Mae has recommended I try mixing it with abit of Aquaphor which has been working so far.


Review now lol…




Anyways… moving on!  I purchased some bottles of Chanel Vitalumiere over the weekend for my kit (always a popular choice amongst the ladies!) and decided it was time to be dabble with being less matte and try it out on myself (and cos I want to glow and be all dewy sometimes too goshdarnit!)  Plus with my skin being drier (no excess oil) from the Roaccutane I figure it will sit better now than it would before.  So I take out No. 60 – Hale…


Slick packaging.  Check.  Handy pump.  Check.   It squirts out a decent size amount for me to use too which is good.  Has SPF 15 goodness which is always good.Colour good.


One thing that put me off was the smell of the foundation, I’m not sure what it reminds me off but a strong clean smell maybe? LOL does that make sense?  But it does wear off once you apply the product.


I love the feel of the foundation on your skin!  It feels like satin on the face and doesn’t feel heavy even if you build up the coverage.  I did set this lightly with some loose powder.


So so far I am digging the Vitalumiere….  Fast forward just 3 hours later, I go to the loo to check my face and my love affair with it is fading.  I am shiny on my T-Zone and it’s staying power hasn’t lasted long around the bottom of my face/jawline.  Of course nothing abit of touching up and blotting won’t fix but for on myself personally (and I stress that I am saying this just on my skin alone!) I would rather try something else and will stick to a matte finish!  But I haven’t given up on the Chanel range, maybe I should try Mat or Pro Lumiere next maybe?

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